We want you to feel comfortable during your stay in our establishment, so we suggest you take a few minutes to read the purpose of this building and its services to make your stay more pleasant.

The building and the services it offers are aimed at the well-being of people who appreciate a natural and healthy environment, consisting of 1 and 2-room apartments with their own balcony, on 3 floors and ground floor, the latter designed with accessibility and features for people with reduced mobility.

Dell Sol Apart – Friendly to the environment in even the smallest detail!

The provision of domestic hot water is supplied by solar thermal water tanks, in the same way as the heating by radiators of the latest generation in Europe, ensuring optimum comfort conditions guaranteed by their soundproofing and absence of contamination.


The optimum performance of the cooling and heating systems is also guaranteed by high performance aluminum exterior openings, with airtight double glazing with air chamber (DVH), which provides a considerable difference with the outside temperature.
The toilets have double discharge to avoid excessive use of water.
The general circulation of the building stands out, whose stairs and shields have abundant lighting and direct ventilation from the outside throughout the day with large windows.
The lights of public and private spaces are programmed by sectors, for temporary or permanent use, and equipped with LED lamps of minimum consumption and high light output.

Among other services the building has a terrace-solarium of 200m2, with a pool with ozone filters, which allows the recovery of water and its maintenance with a minimum level of chlorination. The floor is conditioned with athermic carpet of texture and color that provides a natural environment.
The parking lot is adjacent to the building to reduce the movement of vehicles and preserve the interior of noise and gas.


Pool with ozone filters, which allows water recovery and maintenance

Athermic Carpet

Floor conditioned with athermic carpet of texture and color that provides a natural environment

We ´re waiting for You!

We designed a modern, innovative, comfortable and eco-friendly Apart, to provide a quality service respecting and preserving the environment …
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